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Netgear - Connectivity


Netgear are one of the global leaders in connectivity infrastructure, a correctly configured and specified infrastructure can speed up, secure or link up your networks.

Netgear Products include (but not limited to):-

  • Wifi Access - Coverage for your building.
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Multiple Office Secure Links (VPN)
Free Consultancy and site survey, exclusive to F1Group and Netgear.
Pre-Survey Questions/Considerations
  • What is your main area of interest, i.e. Wireless LAN/Wired/IP CCTV?
  • What existing hardware do you have, if any?
  • What issues do you know of, or suspect, with your network?
  • Do you currently have budget available for a solution upgrade? How much are you considering utilising for this project?
  • Approximately how many users will be on the network, including, for example, desktops and laptops?
  • Is your network on one site?
  • How many buildings does this include?
  • How many floors does this include?
  • Do you have a time frame for installation of a new/upgraded LAN?
  • What’s the best time for our pre-sales engineer to call, with reference to a survey?
The Survey
  • When the survey process is carried out, the following points are undertaken:
  • A 10-15 minute discussion with the ICT manager/power sponsor of end-customer, to clarify the above considerations. At this stage,
  • it is useful to see a map or plan of the site for the survey (if available).
  • Brief assessment of the current site, to establish any existing problems, number of servers, the type of back bone, speed, cables, etc.
  • Quick tour of the site to check details. Tests can be carried out to assess signal strength, noise levels and inspection of each cabinet
  • (if possible, or if required).
  • The number of RJ45 sockets can also be checked on route around the site (if and as required).
  • Using APs and survey software, the RF coverage on the plan will be mapped. This will help the engineer to build up a picture of the
  • requirements to provide a working solution.
  • If required, outer buildings and any external links can be examined to provide details of bridge links and outdoor access.
  • The engineer will arrive on site equipped with laptop, survey software and access point(s).

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