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We will only provide our customers products that are in our eyes are fit for for use.

The single most important piece of hardware you will need is a reliable, cost effective and efficient Lenovo server. Coupled with quality desktops and laptops installed in your organisation you will ensure that you minimize downtime and the costs incurred with less reliable brands.

Lenovo have, in a recent survey along with Apple and Asus been found to be the brand that least likely needs repair.

Lenovo is cost comparable with leading brands with special pricing for education.

20 reasons why YOUR next PC should be a Lenovo ThinkPad® or ThinkCentre®.

Select ThinkPad Notebooks and ThinkCentre Desktops are engineered with ThinkVantage® technologies and design features, which boost productivity, increase security, cut support and service costs and enhance overall user experience.

  1. Rescue and Recovery™ – Restore data with the touch of a button, in the event of a system crash or virus attack.
  2. Client Security Solution – A unique software/hardware combination that protects your data by providing user authentication, password management and safer communications.
  3. Active Protection System™ – Like an airbag’s sensor it detects sudden motion and parks the hard drive’s read/write head, so you don’t have to worry about data loss in case of an accidental drop or fall.
  4. Access Connections™ – Stay connected anywhere with a single interface that switches between wired and wireless networks easily.
  5. Integrated fingerprint reader – Log in with a swipe of your finger and forget about all those hard-to remember passwords.
  6. Roll cage – A magnesium alloy frame that protects your computer and data in the event of a fall.
  7. UltraNav® and TrackPoint® – Combines the latest full-function pointing device with a customised touchpad so you can surf the web and navigate through documents with greater ease.
  8. Blue button – Set up, customise and tweak your PC with a mere push of this button.
  9. Spill-resistant keyboard – The keyboard is sealed and sits in a tray with drainage holes, so it helps protect your system from accidental spills.
  10. Improved battery life – Work longer with up to 11 hours of battery life.
  11. Green computing – Eco-friendly and energy-efficient designs help you to stay productive without wasting valuable natural resources.
  12. Cooler and quieter design – The ultra-quiet fan reduces system noise and heat, so you can work more comfortably.
  13. Dual latches – Keeps your notebook screen safe by ensuring the lid is securely shut at all times.
  14. ThinkLight™ keyboard light – Integrated light that illuminates the keyboard, so you can work efficiently,even in the dark.
  15. Picture frame protection – Improves the durability of your notebook by preventing objects which can scratch the scree, from entering
  16. ThinkVantage system update – Automatic system updates all ThinkVantage and Lenovo-supported software and drivers.
  17. Options commonality – ThinkPad accessories are compatible across most ThinkPad models, so you don’t have to change them every time you upgrade to a newer model.
  18. Stainless steel hinges – Far stronger than plastic hinges, they anchor the display to the notebook frame so your notebook stays in one piece for longer.
  19. System Migration Assistant™ – Simplifies the process of transferring data and user settings from one computer to another, saving you time and trouble.
  20. Dual antennae – Stay connected with improved signal strength and clarity on wireless networks.

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