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At the F1 Group professional IT support has always been our core business and as we have developed, this has allowed us to expand our range of services.

To help you decide, you may want to ask yourself ‘Why would you move your IT support to the F1 Group?’

Leading the way 

We are a leading edge technology company and are often testing the next versions of software that you may eventually use. Our close relationship with Microsoft, and other leading partners, provides us with experience in new products prior to their release.

Built from the ground up

We are a business ourselves, not just a support company. We therefore understand the commercial issues that face businesses like yours every day. We can help you plan changes to your network infrastructure suggesting ways to improve your organisation, save you money and put backup solutions in place should the worst happen.

We keep you up to date

We deliver regular updates and have full accountability to our customers via our Customer Service Portal. You can read elsewhere about our technical visits and support agreement options which are designed to ensure that we beat our target service levels and provide a high level of support.


We have the best staff. I know that’s easy to say but we really do. By using our own Microsoft Certified technical training centre we have trainers who keep our own engineers up to date with the most recent, and most relevant qualifications. If you feel that you would benefit from better IT training, you can use the facility yourself.

We speak your language 

Finally we have written our support offerings in plain English. What you see is what you get, clear costs and first class service. 


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