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Microsoft HyperV Specialist

Microsoft Virtualisation, we are the specialists
10-30% of servers do nothing 90% of the time

(uptime institute)

Virtualisation is now available to every one.

With Microsoft's new built in virtualisation technology it is now within the budget of every company. F1Group are proud to be the first UK company and one of only a handful of officially certified companies by Microsoft with this technology.

F1Group now install virtualisation as standard for almost every installation we provide.

Microsoft virtualisation coupled with other Microsoft technologies reduces the number of physical servers required by your organisation without reducing performance but also has a number of other benefits.

  • Reduces your Capital Cost of Equipment (Less servers)
  • Lower running costs (Less cooling and electric)
  • Lower Support Costs (Centrally managed)
  • Reduced Downtime (Move "Virtual Servers" physically to other servers in minutes)
  • Increased Scalability (Grows with your company)
  • Better Data Security (We can backup your servers up-to every 15 minutes)
  • Quicker Restoration (Restore Data within minutes)
  • Lower cost of disposal (WEEE Considerations)

Call us and we can show you some live working examples and discuss how your organisation can benefit from this technology.

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