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IT is responsible for the 2% of CO2 released globally. In the public sector, IT accounts for almost 35% of energy consumption.

Most Green IT solutions have another benefit they reduce cost, both capital and running, decisions made TODAY will have a knock on effect to your cost and CO2 reduction tomorrow and in the future.

F1Group are here to partner you through this journey at a Senior Management Team level; ensuring that these new alien principles through training and appreciation have the support of your IT team.

For example we recently

  • Reduced the onward capital requirement of servers from 18 to 5 without effecting network performance.
  • In turn reducing the cooling and power requirement by a similar factor.
  • By changing the specification of an IT Desktop roll-out, the cost of the energy saving alone paid for the capital cost of the Desktops over four years.
  • Reduced future WEEE disposal costs by deploying "Greener" designed hardware.
  • Imagine a Computer that detects your presence and "suspends" when you are away from your desk and turns back on in under a second when your back.

In fact with the mid to long term increase in energy prices, these benefits today will have an greater impact on your bottom line and CO2 emissions.

To discuss how we can assist you and set the foundations for your organisation to follow a greener more cost effective path please contact us.

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