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We have relationships with most IT vendors, but we view the four mentioned below as ‘best-of-breed’ and have special commercial relationships in place.. We pro-actively produce and support solutions which incorporate their technology.

Strong Vendor relationships are important, rather than blindly reselling products our strong partner relationships provide customers with a better experience by offering:-

  • The design of your solution in partnership with the appropriate vendors
  • Best value and special pricing
  • Support and guidance from vendor trained F1 Group technicians
  • Access directly to vendor support and technology
  • Faster escalation of any issues
Microsoft Partner

Our company has grown by using and selling Microsoft products and services into one of the most qualified Microsoft partners in the UK. Not only do we have our own dedicated Microsoft consultants, but Microsoft themselves provide us with a dedicated Microsoft solution consultant based at their offices. They assist us with Infrastructure design and migration which gives you the customer a direct route into Microsoft. The F1Group are one of the few companies in the world to be noteworthy of a Microsoft Global Case study for its solutions. Find out more

Lenovo Partners

We will only provide our customers with products that are, in our eyes, fit for use. The single most important piece of hardware that you will need is a reliable, cost effective and efficient server. In a recent survey Lenovo (IBM) have, along with Apple and Asus, been found to be the brand that is least likely to need repair. Find out more


Netgear offer a considerable range of network, security and storage solutions which are widely available, straightforward to install and competitively priced. Over the years these products have allowed us to significantly improve network performance for hundreds of our clients. Find out more


The F1 Group are in the business of providing support and making sure your business IT runs as it should. The last thing that you need are viruses. ESET has been proven to be the best virus protection system year on year. Their licensing and renewals are competitively priced and the direct support has proved to be excellent. Find out more

OKI Partner

OKI have developed Green "LED" technology and manufacture this in the UK. Their products are inexpensive to run, are reliable and have great warranties. The F1Group are an OKI Gold Partner and have jointly provided printing solutions into a wide range of business and education environments. Find out more


Fujitsu offer a full range of IT hardware, from this the F1Group choose specific elements tailored to our customer’s requirements. In particular we have found the PRIMERGY range of servers to fit well in terms of innovation, value for money and reliability. These attributes are vital in the current climate as trying to do more with fewer resources is never easy. Having chosen Fujitsu, our technical team has completed all the current courses and examinations to become proficient in supporting and installing these products. Find out more

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