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Cloud - Microsoft Sharepoint 2010

Making it easier for people in businesses to work together

Microsoft SharePoint 2010:

Sharepoint 2010
Cloud SharePoint makes it easier for people in business to work together. You can share information, manage projects and collaborate on documents online utilising cloud technology, making Microsoft SharePoint 2010 an essential platform in today's smart business.

SharePoint is the world's leading file and information storage and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It's hosted on a high-speed, secure network, providing you access to their company's files in the cloud, and reducing your IT overhead.

It works on many other platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android and from any browser.

Access documents from anywhere

Not only can you access your company-wide or personal documents from the desktop, because they're cloud-based, files are securely stored and available from any browser and most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android.

Access documents from a single place

Instead of having your documents distributed throughout your business, use Cloud SharePoint to centralise document storage. Bring order to the active documents in your business using Cloud SharePoint.

Working together is easy

Cloud SharePoint allows remote teams within work to collaborate on the same document, sharing information and intelligently tracking changes made. SharePoint can roll-up updates into a single document without the worry of overwriting data.

Control access to documents

Hosted SharePoint helps you manage their document permissions by allowing site-wide or individual file control over who sees what. Using SharePoint, you can effectively and cleverly manage the workflow in your business.


  • 128-bit secure SSL conneciton (Credit Card Secure) from your web browser.
  • Includes Anti-Virus technology to help ensure the files moved to and from the cloud are free from viruses and other harmful content. 
  • Backed up and replicated.

Full Assistance

  • As well as offering a Nationwide "Ready to Use" hosted Cloud Sharepoint solution for your business F1Group offers a number of value added services including customerisation, migration and training.

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