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Microsoft Lync Server 2010

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Specialists

Lync ServerThe F1Group are certified by Microsoft to design and implement cloud telephony solutions for organisations of all sizes utilising Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and other Microsoft technologies.

Utilising Microsoft Lync Server with a Lync server telephony partner like F1 we can unlock the full potential of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 that you would not get utilising a traditional phone system or even non Microsoft Lync certified standard SIP trunks with gateways.

You no longer require the capital cost of Telephony Hardware, VOIP gateways or even ISDN lines, and the system can be completely ported to the cloud and deliver a powerful yet simple IP voice proposition for customers who are looking to reduce their costs. All this with no major additional investment and without compromising on quality or security.

Key Benefits using Lync Server 2010 coupled with a professional Lync server telephony partner.

  • Whenever your mobile workers have internet access on their mobile devices (even internationally) the user can utilise your Lync Server not local roaming tariffs thus we can significantly reduce the costs of your mobile workers.
  • Remote office workers can use the same technology they have in their office on their desktop, including their business phone. They are simply and easily an extension of the Lync Server accross the cloud.

What does Microsoft Lync Server do ?
As well as enterprise voice, Microsoft Lync Server delivers streamlined communications for the users in your business, so they can find and communicate with the right person, right now. Work across different locations and time zones using a variety of communication methods such as instant messaging and video conferencing with seamless integration into Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

Featuring :-

Enterprise Voice
Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 combines the telephony features of a traditional IP PBX. Users can access intuitive, powerful voice features—in the office, at home, or on the road—from phones, PCs, and desktop applications, Lync 2010 can replace or enhance your existing IP PBX system.

  • Traditional calling features are provided, including calls by name, hold, forward, transfer, divert, park, retrieve, voice mail, and conferencing, and improve on traditional voice systems with presence, instant messaging, and SharePoint-based Skill Search.
  • Call Coverage makes it easy to ensure that important calls are answered by appropriate staff members, via user-controlled Delegation and Team Calling respectively.
  • Call Queuing and Routing can Configure one or more Response Groups, with optional interactive voice response (IVR), automatic speech recognition, and synthesis, to intelligently route calls to help-desks, hotlines, and other informal contact centers.
  • By utilising a telephony partner like F1, you no longer require a traditional phone system or IP PBX system or pay line rental costs. Your new Lync system can be pre-configured and setup side by side to your existing phone system.
Audio, Video and Web Conferencing
Microsoft® Lync 2010 makes it easy for users to create, moderate, and join online meetings with both internal and external users, within a friendly Microsoft interface. This makes it easy for people to work together effectively and often even when time or distance prevents in-person meetings.

  • Richer experience Conferencing is no longer a compromise when you have video, one-click desktop sharing, easy meeting requests, and even the ability to start a conference on a mobile phone and continue on a PC.
  • Control your conferences Participants can be placed in a “lobby” and then allowed in by the conference organiser, helping to prevent embarrassing errors or security issues from unauthorised forwarding of meeting invites. Conference organisers can also eject or mute participants after the conference has begun in order to control unwanted background noise.
  • Easily schedule and join conferences Set up online meetings right from Microsoft Outlook, Participants can join with one click from the PC as well as mobile and desktop phones.
  • Extend complete experience to outside users Users or customers on any operating system can participate in online meetings, and anonymous users can attend and participate without the requirement for setup.
  • Reduce costs Integrate ad-hoc collaboration and online meetings with Lync 2010 rather than relying on expensive third-party conferencing solutions.
Controlled instant messaging
  • Instant messaging is the new email, many businesses do not have control of their employees instant messaging systems. Lync server allows you to manage your users and allow them to communicate quickly and efficiently, sharing presence and instant messaging (IM) with users of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, AOL, and Yahoo! public IM service providers.
Mobility is a way of life for today’s business professionals. Microsoft Lync 2010 makes communicating easier and more engaging by delivering a single unified communications experience across PC laptops, browsers, telephones, and mobile phones.

  • Connect from anywhere. Stay connected and productive outside of the office, nearly anywhere with an Internet connection—with no VPN or specialised hardware required.
  • A connected experience on the right device, right now. Use a PC laptop for a complete Lync experience outside the office. Alternatively, any phone alongside most web browsers can deliver a rich multi-media conferencing and instant messaging experience. Lync users can also seamlessly transfer a call or audio conference from their PC-based Lync client to their phone or mobile phone without disrupting the conversation, so Lync users can stay connected even if they need to be on the move.
  • Lync mobile clients enable you to stay connected, communicate and conference on the go. Mobile clients for Microsoft Lync 2010 deliver powerful unified communications features—including rich presence, instant messaging, audio conferencing, and calling features in a single, easy-to-use interface to your mobile device.
  • Help others connect with you by never missing a call Use Microsoft Lync 2010 simultaneously ringing to direct incoming calls to automatically ring on your mobile, home, or other telephone number in addition to your desktop client.

New system or Replacing your current telephony provider.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 can run side by side with most phone PBX systems and integrate into your existing IP SIP trunking, however why would you want to?

  • By utilising a Lync telephony partner like F1 you can remove the cost of your phone system including your line rentals (ISDN line), all you require is internet connectivity.
  • We use a Tier 1 (the highest rated) international VOIP (voice over IP) partner for your calls, with local breakout in most developed countries.
  • For example: if you rang a number in Spain from the UK, your call would be routed via the internet to a local Spanish exchange then breakout onto the normal phone line so your international calls can be pennies a minute.
  • The internet pipes we use are not like free providers like Skype they are high quality routing that companies like BT use to route their calls already.
  • Your existing DDI numbers can be transferred.

Telephony Key Features
  • Free on-net calls (Inter Office and to remote workers with internet access)
  • Worldwide outbound calling
  • Worldwide local inbound DDI numbers in over 40 countries
  • Secure connection
  • Business quality VOIP
  • On-line, real time management reports
  • Call barring of certain number types
  • No change to existing number range
  • Per second billing
Telephony Key Benefits
  • Fast Implementation means cost savings realised immediately
  • A low cost worldwide call package
  • No hidden costs
  • Bound by commercial contracts and service level agreements
  • Call detail Records
  • Trusted by a large number of corporates.
  • Enables direct Click to Call e.g. from a phone number in a email
  • Outlook contacts become your instant the phone book
  • Whenever your mobile workers have internet access on their mobile devices (even internationally) the user can utilise your Lync Server not local roaming tariffs thus you can significantly reduce the costs of your mobile workers.
  • Remote office workers can use the same technology they have in their office on their desktop, including their business phone. They are simply and easily an extension of the Lync Server across the cloud.

For a demonstration of Lync server 2010 or to understand what additional features an approved telephony partner can offer please contact us.

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