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Transcribe is a new application that allows your customers, especially those who are non-English speaking or disabled, to communicate with you securely online. Our solution reduces the costs associated with interpretation and, more importantly, increases direct engagement between you and your customers. Transcribe uses a text based multilingual interface available to your customers at all times, directly on your website.

Transcribe Benefits
Key Benefits
  • Save money by reducing your reliance on costly interpretation and translation services.
  • Helps you meet specific anticipatory duties to ensure compliance with the Equality Act in respect to service accessibility.
  • Proactively transform accessibility to services for your non-English speaking or disabled service users.
  • Streamline communication by facilitating speedier contact and faster responses at a lower cost.
  • Web based solution for use across your organisation by contact centres, departments and individual users.
  • Customers will feel more valued as they are encouraged to feedback on your services.
The F1 Groupís proven multilingual products help improve service delivery and drive down costs.
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