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The PRIMERGY range of servers offers a full range of solutions from entry level options through to those built for high dependency virtualised environments. IT needs to become more flexible, adaptable and, at the same time, less costly to meet the challenges of the changing economy. The F1 Group has chosen Fujitsu as they work hard to fulfil this role.

  • Innovative: Get the broadest portfolio of Virtualisation, server and solution offerings including solutions embedded with VMware, XEN or Microsoft Hypervisors
  • Reliable: Get the highest possible reliability rates in a standard server comparable with high end UNIX servers
  • Fast: Get the quickest benchmarked servers on the market at least 20% faster response time than the nearest rival
  • Efficient: Get a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership of up to 62%
  • Green: Get the server range that consumes far less power than the competition cutting your electricity costs by up to 50%

Fujitsu has a long heritage in the UK server market, the innovation of PRIMERGY servers and implementation experience makes Fujitsu worthy of consideration.


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